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Receive SIX Baby Dragon Candles

We are so excited to be offering our Macho and Friends Candles! These 8oz candles are made with 100% soy wax, hand poured in the USA, and the six available scents are:

Macho - Maple Sugar
Spike - Black Raspberry Vanilla
Priscilla - Blackberry Sage
Vanilla - Warm Vanilla Cookie
Von Drago - Moonlight Dungeon
Drak - Evergreen Citrus

Here are a few tips, in case you aren't sure which ones to get.

If you like sweet scents, then you'll love Macho and Vanilla. (Vanilla is actually the name of the dragon, and the scent of the candle is like a delicious warm cookie!)

If you like fresh scents, then you'll definitely enjoy Drak and Von Drago. Nobody can quite agree on what to call Von Drago's scent. Some say fresh rain, some say baby powder, some say fresh linen. So we just called it "Moonlight Dungeon" and we'll let you be the judge.

If you enjoy fruity scents, then you're going to want to grab a Spike and a Priscilla.

If you want to know what everybody else has liked the most - our best sellers tend to be Vanilla and Drak, closely followed by Macho. But since I got to pick all six scents, you know they'll all be pretty fabulous!

A few quick disclaimers:

1) Please burn candles responsibly. If this is your first time ever burning a candle, we've included instructions on the bottom to help you figure it out. (Lol, but seriously. Don't burn your house down.)

2) Due to temperature shifts during shipping, it is possible for the soy wax to experience a "blooming" or "frosting" effect, causing a white discoloration. This is purely asthetic and will not affect the scent or burn of the candle. In fact, it's one of the ways you can be sure the candle you're getting is really soy!

3) We would also like everybody to know that these candles were made by hand - not machines - so small variations between candles and batches may occur, meaning colors may be slightly different than pictured. They are made with 100% hand poured soy, and we are the ones cutting out labels, hand applying them, and then packing them up to ship to you, so we hope you love them!

Six Baby Dragon Candles

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