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What's it About?

Oh no! Macho has accidentally let all the baby dragons escape from the hatchery, and it's up to him to find them! Will Macho and his new friend, Spike, be able to locate all the baby dragons before Macho gets into big trouble? Is it possible he'll even make a few new friends along the way?

Macho Cover.jpg
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Meet the Illustrator 

As a self-taught traditional artist, Angelique's dreams and passions have revolved around creating artwork ever since she can remember. She started her business, Art by Angelique, in 2015 doing commissions of pets and animals, and continued to grow from there into the full-time job of illustrating children’s books and novel covers in the past couple years! Some of her other passions include horseback riding, reading, baking, and scrapbooking. She lives in Washington with her husband and their two cats.

Fully  Funded!

Macho and his dragon friends are coming back!  "Macho and the Great Dragon Escape" has been such a hit that Angelique and I decided it was time to make the sequel.


The next installment of our children's book series takes place in winter, and we've finally brought all those beautiful snowy landscapes to life! Macho and The Dragon Egg Rescue has been fully funded and should be reaching supporters sometime in September!

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