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Dearest Tally Supporters,

Macho and The Dragon Egg Rescue is officially funded! Macho's newest adventure should be reaching you sometime in September. I'll keep you all updated if there are any delays. (We don't expect there to be, but we all know how the world is.)

For all of you curious about Book 5 in the Tally Series, it's turning out to be gigantic, and I'm going to have to push it to 2023. I am actively working on it though, and expect to be running the book five Kickstarter early next year! 

Thank you to everyone who came out for the Macho Kickstarter, and keep an eye on your emails to get updates on Macho, Book 5, audiobooks, and The 60 Day Novel Writing Challenge!

-Halie Fewkes

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Hey! Halie! Let me know when you have new updates!

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