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Dearest Tally Supporters,

Lots of amazing things are happening right now, and I'm getting everything ready so that in 2022, we can release both Book 5, and the sequel to Macho and The Great Dragon Escape!

You may have also heard about my 60 Day Novel Writing Challenge, where I've put together 60 days of videos and daily assignments to help writers complete an entire book in 60 days. The next challenge will launch October 1st for anyone interested! 

Audiobooks are also on the horizon too, so stay tuned!

And if you want to know more about what's going on with me, be sure to tune into my new Youtube Channel! 

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Hey! Halie! Let me know when you have new updates!

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For information about The 60 Day Novel Writing Challenge,

(An instructional course for writers, taught by Halie)

 please visit www.the60daynovelwritingchallenge.com