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Schedule a Class Visit

I started writing the Secrets of The Tally Series when I was twelve (that was a while ago!) and I LOVE visiting classes to tell students about the journey I took to become an author. It's full of failures, obstacles, and perseverance, and will hopefully be a memorable and encouraging experience for your students. Most class visits include me telling my story, talking a little about the books, and allowing the students to ask questions about anything author-related. I'll sometimes do readings if time allows, but it's been my experience that a lot of classes have enough questions to fill the whole hour. 


I'll talk to single classes, multiple classes combined, or an assembly - whatever you think would serve your students best. I do try to make a whole day out of class visits, so if you've got 5 English classes in a row, count me in for all of them! It's also fun if you want to collaborate with other teachers and bring in a second class too - that still gives the interactive feel where students are comfortable enough to ask questions, but helps us get more people excited about reading. 

I'm based out of Longview, WA, so I'm happy to go anywhere within an hour or two of my homebase. (Still contact me if you're further away; planning may just be a bit tighter.)

Book Content:

I'm going to go ahead and use Harry Potter as the golden standard for rating book content, because The Secrets of The Tally Series follows a very similar progression where the characters and story age about a year with each book. Book One starts as an adventure similar to Prisoner of Azkaban - totally clean, full of action and mystery, and with a focus on friendship instead of romance - about a 12-year old reading level.  By Book Three and Four, you've got a little romance developing and a couple character deaths, still comparable to Harry Potter. Book Five isn't written yet, but I'll keep it middle-school appropriate. :) Let me know if you have any questions!

Book Sales:

Hopefully by the end of our visits, we'll have a good group of kids excited about reading!

I really love when we can set up an event with the local bookstore in conjunction with the visits, so students can come buy a book and get it signed in person. 

If there isn't a local bookstore that fits the bill, I can sell books in the classroom too. In the past, teachers have sent a newsletter to parents ahead of time, telling them an author was coming in and inviting them to send money for books. (It's fun to stay in during students' lunch and sign books/talk to anyone interested in reading and writing.)

Fill out the following form, and we'll get in touch to find a date that works. (It's alright if you don't have the details worked out perfectly yet. Just let me know what you're thinking, and we'll make it happen!)

Until then, Happy Reading!

-Halie Fewkes