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Hey Everyone! Halie Here!

I've got two upcoming projects that need illustrations - the kid's book, and a set of three novellas.

This page is about the novella covers I'll be looking to hire for soon. 

Art Style:

All four book covers in the Secrets of The Tally Series have been painted digitally, using a vibrant color pallette, and I would like to match them as closely as possible.

Digital art is highly preferred, as these novellas will be displayed next to the existing books and need to match the existing style as closely as possible. Other mediums will be considered, but there is a high preference for digital art for this project.

This project is heavily "people" focused, so the examples you upload should be very people-oriented and show your skills in expressing emotion and character. 

The Characters:

While not required, it will be very helpful in crafting the novella covers if you have read the Secrets of The Tally Series. I will give you a very detailed description of what each character is to look like, (VERY detailed, if you're selected to make the covers) but it will still beneficial if you know the characters, who the Escalis are, etc. 

While still subject to change, I highly anticipate the three novellas to feature Prince Avalask, Driikyn, and Ratuan. Here is a brief description of what to expect for each piece. 

Prince Avalask is from the monster race called the Escalis. He's their most powerful fighter, but much more loved for the fact that he's a badass father. Escalis look like people, but they have cloudy eyes, sharp teeth, and spikes of bone growing from their elbows. Prince Avalask has a very distinct look with a black fur cloak and royal black attire. He's going be grinning and holding his adorable little monster-baby by one foot as the baby is trying to crawl up his shoulder. 

Driikyn is an Escali woman with a dark complexion and intricately braided black hair. She's aggressive, abrasive, and will be featured wearing her dragon scale armor and holding a double bladed staff. She needs to look very ready to kill anything that comes near her. She is awesome.

Ratuan is a Human kid of about twelve, and one of the most hated characters in the whole series. BUT. I want to retell the "Catching Epics" story from his point of view and give people a chance to see his side of the story. Ratuan is a conniving, scheming kid who ruins a lot for our main characters, and should have a clever little smirk on the cover of his book. 


We're all artists here, and I most certainly don't work for free, so I don't ask you to either. Pay rates for this project will be competitive, and there is a section in the application where you can list the rate you'd like to charge.

Please list this as the rate you'd charge per cover, in a quality as close to the existing book covers as you can get. (If you aren't sure, you can leave the pay rate section blank.)


Covers will be 5.5"x8.5" each, and I would very much prefer to hire one person to do all three.

Other Stuff:

*The Illustrator selected for the project will be listed on the copyright page, but not credited on the cover itself.

*All images created for this project will become the exclusive property of Halie Fewkes and Tally Ink Publishing LLC.

* I'll take responsibility for all formatting and production, including page layouts and title creation.

*I highly value an artist who can provide me a finished digital file with editable layers (as a PSD or photoshop compatible PDF). This makes it easy for me to rearrange elements for things like posters, bookmarks, etc. 

*I will be putting these novellas up on Kickstarter when I am done writing them. You will be credited for the work, but this Kickstarter campaign will have no effect on your rate of pay.

*This project includes no royalties. All payment will be at a flat, negotiated rate between the author and illustrator. 

*Applying is not a guarantee of contract. 

*Please keep in mind that the number one thing I'm looking for is the overall quality of your artwork, and your ability to express character and emotion. The rate you charge will certainly factor in, but the quality is my top priority. 

*We'll work together to come up with a realistic timeline for completing this project, but once our deadlines are established, they cannot be missed. 

*I look forward to seeing your art submissions! Regardless of whether or not you are selected to move forward, I absolutely applaud what you do. Keep creating and sharing. Even if it's not right for this project, art is always a positive thing, and you never know who you might positively affect!

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About the Project:

I am in the process of writing three "Novellas" which are basically short books - in this case, spinoffs of the Secrets of The Tally series. They follow some of our favorite (or perhaps least favorite) side characters and tell their stories from a new point of view.


All three of these novellas are going to feature one main character on the cover, and covers are 5.5"x8.5".


If you would like to apply for the position of drawing the novella covers, you'll use the same application as the picture book, but specify that you are more interested in the novella project. 

You are also very welcome to apply for both, but I would recommend two separate applications, since they're each looking for something a bit different.