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Applications will remain open until Dec 31, 2019.

Hey Everyone! Halie Here!

I've been running all over the country selling books to teens and adults everywhere, and it's time to venture into the realm of an illustrated Secrets of The Tally spin-off for a younger audience! I've been thinking and talking about this for a LONG time now, and I'm excited to finally get the process started. If you are an illustrator, or know someone you think would be a good asset, please read through the following requirements and submit an application. 

About the Project:

The book is going to be from the perspective of Macho, the puppy we know and love from the cover of "To Wear The Cloak." It's going to be a cute, heartwarming story about him getting into a bit of trouble with the baby dragon population at the Dragona. Most pages will have unique backgrounds, but some will repeat a few times in the book. 

Archie is only a part of the story in a hands & feet capacity since the story is much more focused on Macho. Night and Pretty Girl will make an appearance (Macho's doggy friends) and there is a whole hatchery of baby dragons he'll be getting into trouble with.  

Art Style:

All four book covers in the Secrets of The Tally Series have been painted digitally, using a vibrant color pallette, and I would like to match them as closely as possible.


Digital art is preferred, but not required. Please see the following covers for an idea of the Secrets of The Tally "feel."

Book Four Kindle Cover2.jpg

Selection Process:

Potential Illustrators will have until Dec. 31, 2019 to submit their portfolios, and then applicants will be judged with consideration to style (cuteness is especially important), cost, past work, and the estimated time needed to complete the project.

The application will ask a few relevant questions and allow you to upload up to six images of your artwork. Please upload the images you think best match the work I'm asking for. Tip: baby animals, baby dragons, demonstrations of human hands/feet, and digitally painted examples would go the furthest in showing the skillset I'm looking for.

I'll reach out in January 2020 to let applicants know whether or not they have been selected for a paid sample piece. For those selected, I will provide detailed specs for a page out of the book and ask for an example of the quality they intend to bring to every page of the project. 

We'll select the final illustrator and then work out the payment details and project deadlines. 


We're all artists here, and I most certainly don't work for free, so I don't ask you to either. Pay rates for this project will be competitive, and there is a section in the application where you can list the rate you'd like to charge.

Please list this as the rate you'd charge per finished page, in a quality similar to the work you submit in your portfolio. (If you aren't sure, you can leave the pay rate section blank.)


Pages will be roughly 8"x10" each. There will be a few two-page spreads, but I'll pay for each individually.


The book is expected to have 24 pages total, and there will be no partial payment for partial work. I am looking for an illustrator willing to commit to illustrate all 24 pages. 

Other Stuff:

*The Illustrator selected for the project will be given dual-credit on the cover of the book as follows: "Written by Halie Fewkes, Illustrated by _____"

*All images created for this project will become the exclusive property of Halie Fewkes and Tally Ink Publishing LLC. (If you want the ability to sell prints and/or books, let me know and we'll talk!)

*Your responsibilities for each page will be to provide full backgrounds and usually a couple characters per page. I'll take responsibility for all formatting and production, including page layouts and word placements.

*I will be putting this book up on Kickstarter around the time we are finishing up the illustrations, but this Kickstarter campaign will have no effect on your rate of pay, regardless of if it does well or fails miserably.

*This project includes no royalties. All payment will be at a flat, negotiated rate between the author and illustrator. 

*The application will ask if you have read the Secrets of The Tally books. While this is not a requirement, it would be helpful in coming up with backgrounds, and understanding the characters and story. 

*Applying is not a guarantee of contract. I will contact you in January to let you know if you've been selected for a paid sample piece, and the illustrator will be selected from those who provide the paid pieces. 

*Please keep in mind that the number one thing I'm looking for is the cuteness and overall quality of your artwork. The rate you charge will certainly factor in, but the quality is my top priority. 

*We'll work together to come up with a realistic timeline for completing this project, but once our deadlines are established, they cannot be missed. There is a LOT of work that goes into running a successful Kickstarter, so please only apply if you're positive you can do the entire project in the time we allot. 

*I look forward to seeing your art submissions! Regardless of whether or not you are selected to move forward, I absolutely applaud what you do. Keep creating and sharing. Even if it's not right for this project, art is always a positive thing, and you never know who you might positively affect!

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