Finished Book Two! (Well, the Rough Draft)

February 27, 2016

The Rough Draft of book two is officially finished, tentatively named "Catching Epics".

I know you guys have been waiting ever so patiently (or impatiently, some of you!) to hear what Catching Epics is going to entail.  I am going to hold off of the full synopsis for now (partly because I'm a horrible person, but mostly because I just don't have it written yet) and just give a few hints about what's coming.  If you haven't yet discovered the Secrets of The Tally, this may not make a whole lot of sense to you yet.  Get book one.  Read it.  



*Allie and Archie are back!  And let's just say things between them are starting to get a little more heated.

*Sir Avery and Prince Avalask's kids are now on the scene and in the spotlight, both as priceless targets.

*The Tallies are literally the funniest characters I have ever had the priviledge of writing. OMG guys, get ready.


Nobody's heard a thing about Catching Epics, let alone read it.  No friends, no editors, nobody but me. It's going to be a crazy busy year to get this out by December, but we can do it, so stay tuned for more updates!





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