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A Crisis for Every Print Run

With Secrets of The Tally, the crisis was planning the Book Launch for August 22nd, while it was still the beginning of the year. Because while my own schedule made perfect sense (Kickstarter in May, print the books in June, receive the books in July, launch the books near the end of August), the real world had other plans for me. (Kickstarter in May, printing starts further into June than planned, books are en route in July but mysteriously held up at sea, books are seized by the port of Seattle in August, not to be released until after the launch party - I just about had to press the nuclear button and rob the warehouse to get the books, all 48 hours before the launch party).

Now it's 2017. New year, new book, new crisis.

Printing Secrets of The Tally was a ton of fun. I sent my files, I got a hardcover proof back, took about a week to read through it and make sure everything looked good, then made a few necessary changes and sent the final digital files back for the full print run. I got pictures back for every step of the process, and it was great.

Now this year?