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July Newsletter

Festivals, Podcasts, and Kickstarter - Oh My!

Kickstarter is ONE MONTH AWAY, and will be running from August 1st-31st to raise the funds needed for printing Book III, and I just spent the weekend filming the intro with video-vision-extraordinaire, Thomas Stoneham! (@beingtsj)

I'm also hard at work setting up an Instagram Book Tour, scheduling interviews, creating digital ads, Facebook events, etc. I'm hoping to make this the best Kickstarter yet, because Book III is going to be awesome, and I hope everybody is ready. :)

​​I also finally met up with Kimmer O'Reilly, a fellow Instagrammer and writer, as we did a surprise Instagram Live Show for all book lovers.

(Our more official podcast interview will be airing mid-July.)

But in the meantime, check out Kimmer's Books on Instagram! @kimmersbooks

I'll also be selling and signing books at the Go 4th Festival in Longview, WA - July 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. So stop in and say hi!

Festival rules said I couldn't give away anything consumable, so I decided to give away bottles of bubbles haha.

Thanks Mom, for helping me label almost 700 bottles with the Tally Logo!

Hoping to see some of you at the festival! Get your books signed, buy a new one, or just stop by to chat and grab a bottle of bubbles - I'll be there all day. Also be sure to tune into Kimmer's podcast this month, and I'll be sending out more information as soon as Kickstarter goes live!


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