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The Editing of "Catching Epics"

After finishing and printing my very first draft of Catching Epics, I took a week away from it to clear my head.

Staying away for seven whole days was way harder than I expected. Sometimes I think I may have a problem... Anyway, I came back to my editing table in Starbucks, eager and ready to dive in. I took a second to collect myself, convince myself I knew nothing about the book in my hands, and I started reading.

And something both wonderful and horrible happened. I'd only been reading like, five minutes, when one of the baristas came to tell me it was 11:00, and the store was closing. I looked at my phone to confirm, then back to my book, then back to my phone in shock, then back to my book, and I was nine chapters in and had barely done any editing at all. Good news is, I'm in love with this story. Bad news is, editing is tough this time around.

I'm normally a very slow reader, but I cruised through in record time and reached the end, angry that it was already over. It's 20,000 words longer than Secrets of The Tally, how could it be over? Then I remembered I had an epilogue and eagerly read it twice, still mad the book was over.

So here's the struggle I'm facing as I'm going back through, editing book two... I keep putting it down and writing book three. "Bad author!" I try to tell myself, but I'm already in love with book three too, and it's good to have a draft of it going so I can make sure it aligns well with Catching Epics, right? RIGHT?!

Anyway... Author problems. I'll say goodbye for now, and tell you than I'm honestly off to do my necessary edits on book two (Because I already wrote three scenes for book three today, and can now focus again). Still on track for an August Kickstarter and December release date!

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